Jane Johnston, The Briar Hill Group at RE/MAX Camosun
The Briar Hill Group at RE/MAX Camosun

Wanting to Maximize Your Business?

Are you finding that your sales are flat? Perhaps you've lost a client or two and don't know why? There might be an easy solution...

Discover your personality profile quickly and learn how your dominant communication style is affecting the way you deal with clients.

  • Go to CrackMyCode.com/Values
  • Click on "Crack Your Code"
  • Password is Values
  • Receive your report
  • Sign up for one of our courses and learn how to reach your clients more effectively.


Watch this video for more info:


Below is a video with a taste of some of the advice you can expect from Jane. This tip is on leveraging yourself to increase your business and while she focuses on real estate in this video, it's applicable to all businesses.

Jane's coaching program is designed to facilitate your professional development for you to run an impactful and thriving business. In any relationship, there has to be a synergy between the coach and the client. Ideal traits for clients are the following:

  • you know what you don't know.
  • you want to do this job well
  • you are wanting to learn from others' experiences
  • you have humility
  • you are a doer - you like seeing tasks to completion
  • you know your why - and have a meaningful purpose
  • you are willing to listen and follow instructions
  • you want to be coached and are coachable
  • you are curious!


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