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TUrn-Offs For Home Buyers

Top Turn-Offs For Home Buyers


If you want to sell your house quickly and for the best possible price, you obviously want to impress home buyers, not discourage them. Yet, that’s exactly what some sellers innocently do by making the following mistakes.

Wacky paint colours. You may love the pumpkin yellow in the livingroom, but it’s not a colour most mainstream home buyers will appreciate. Consider re-painting with white or tasteful neutrals.

Odd smells. There are odours from cigarette smoke, exotic cooking, or perfumes that you may have gotten so used to that you are no longer aware of them. But rest assured, a home buyer will notice. Air out your home and eliminate odours before showings.

Stains. Even the most well-kept home can have some persistent stains on countertops and walls, and in sinks. There are specialty cleaners on the market that will help.

Stuffed storage space. Home buyers want roomy closets, drawers and other storage areas. Make sure yours give this impression.

You. Nothing personal, but home buyers can become uncomfortable by your presence during a viewing.  It's kind of like trying on clothing at a store... off the rack is okay, but when you have to take the shirt off someone else's back before you try it on, it's just plain uncomfortable. Let your REALTOR® be the host.

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