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Wells... Care and Information

Some people have issues with wells and fear that they will dry up or that they will not provide them with quality water. The fact is that many homes in the rural areas surrounding Victoria have wells and provide good quality water.

When a property is developed the developer must get a well dug and provide a potability report that talks about quality and quantity of water. Without being able to pass minimum flow and quality standards they cannot develop the lot.

When writing an offer or listing a property that has a well. I ask the owner the following things:

1.     how deep is the well?

2.     what is the flow rate?

3.     do they have a well report from when the well was dug?

4.     have they ever run out of water? What was the well recovery rate?

5.     have they ever had the quality of water tested? and if so, what are results?

6.     do they treat the water that comes in the house?

7.     I also ask to look a the well to see the well cap

Wells here tend to vary in depth - older wells can be shallower (I've seen some 10 feet) but it's not unusual for them to be 300 ft deep.

Newer construction required a well report for potability before the property could be developed. Generally, the higher the better. You want more water coming through the pipe. 3 gallons per minute tends to be on the lower end of acceptability.

In some places in Metchosin, especially about 10 years ago, they had issues with water supply. These homes were developed in the 60's and 70's when standards varied. The water was fine during the winter, but it would dry up during the summer. Everyone had cisterns in their yards for summer months and they refilled the wells, then stored extra water. This was resolved by bringing in city water. (Ironically, I had a property in this area that was on an aquifer and had absolutely no issues with supply at any time of the year so water supply is dependent on its location). I have not seen these cisterns around properties for a long time.

Re the treatment of water. There are a variety of methods: UV, salt filtration etc. I think it's absolutely necessary to treat any water coming in, as there can be issues with e-coli and other pathogens that you can't taste. However, the filter will take care of them. I'd recommend getting water tested at the source and at the home every 2 years or so. This is an easy test involving sterilising the pipe and pouring water into a clean container provided. It costs about $100 for a sample.

I think that the potability test at the beginning of building establishes how well the well runs and effectively screens out properties that may have issues. Asking good questions and getting the water tested before you go in should help you in making an informed decision regarding any property with a well:

Further information

Overview: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/wsd/plan_protect_sustain/groundwater/library/faq_grdwater.html

Well Water testing info: http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthfiles/hfile05b.stm

Great, Detailed Resource Document: http://inspectapedia.com/water/WellFlowRate.htm

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