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Working with A Buyer Agent

Buyer Motivation – How Working with A Buyer Agent can Save You Money

I work both ends of the market. As a listing agent, I try to make the home as appealing as possible to buyers. We stage to get them to envision themselves in their new home, finding the lifestyle they seek. Staging works because it appeals to the buyer on a multitude of senses - temperature of the room, smell of the home, placing of the furniture, curtain placement etc. We recommend that sellers paint their home, tidy their front yard etc. because we want the buyer to feel they are going into a home that is well cared-for.

As an agent viewing properties all of the time. I'm pretty much immune to the dressings. I see past the carefully placed bathroom towels to the stain of water dripping under the sink. I look for rot in wood under decks, check the floors to see if they are real wood or laminate. I look at the roof for curling shingles. I often tell my husband that I will never enjoy just looking at a house anymore - I analyse it.

Buyers, going out and viewing homes are looking for that dream home. I find they often respond to that first impression: They want in the door way and stop - then look around - and feel the atmosphere of the house. It's an unknowing reflex. For the Buyers sake, I often turn the lights off, if they are on so, that they will not see the shininess of house and witness the home in it's 'real' light.

Sometimes, though, I find that the Buyer gets caught up in the house, the emotion of the purchase, the thrill of the hunt and they fall unequivocally in love with the home. I know, I've done it myself. They may not state it or even realise it... but it's recognizable to me, as the Agent. Whereas before they were not willing to pay a certain amount, now they are willing to pay way more than previous offers, for this particular home.

As an agent, it's my duty to make sure that your buying decision is a financial one, not merely an emotional one. In a few cases, I've had to tell buyers they were paying too much for a home... try to rein them in where they'd pay full price or more for a home, that it's not worth it. It's hard to counter the emotional decision with logic responses, as they work the house out in their favour.

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