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Relocating from Calgary to Victoria?

More Canadians Moving to Victoria

Does the thought of another brutal winter in Canada make you get the chills? Or are you just looking to live in an area where the weather is milder and warmer? A lot of people in these areas are, and that's why they are making the move to live in Victoria. If you've never considered living there before, then now might be a great time to look into it! Around 16% of the buyers in Victoria are from outside of the province, and this number is expected to grow. Is living in Victoria right for you? Well, it's great for a wide variety of people, and could be just the living area you've been looking for.

Joys of Living in Victoria

A lot of Canadians enjoy living on the West coast because it has a longer fall, better summer and earlier spring. This pretty much means you get really enjoyable weather throughout the year, and it's not anywhere as harsh as the weather for example in Calgary or Alberta would be. There are also a lot of conveniences that you get when you move to this area. New developments are making it possible for many new businesses to come in, from restaurants to services. Just imagine being able to walk to a restaurant to go to dinner or stroll across the street to get your hair done! In Victoria this is definitely possible, and the walkable lifestyle will only grow as more people move into the area.

Purchasing a Home in Victoria

Do you want to live in Victoria full time? Maybe not everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't still make a purchase in the area. In fact, Calgary real estate agent Joe Samson says that secondary home purchases are on the rise. For example, some Albertans are purchasing West coast homes because they want to be close to their family members that live there. There are also some people who are on the verge of retirement that purchase homes in Victoria and are considering selling their real estate in Calgary. They are able to enjoy that residence part-time so that when they are ready to retire, the transition is easier.

 Whatever reasons are motivating you, right now is a great time to consider buying. There are a lot of projects and developments out there that can attract buyers just like you. The city is also consistently being developed, which means you can always look forward to something new! You never know, your favorite ice cream shop or grocery store might even be added to the area in the future. This could mean being able to shop for dinner or go get ice cream without having to travel very far, and that is something that appeals to everyone.

As for the weather, what is there not to like? Victoria has the West coast weather that Albertans and Calgarians absolutely love. It can be a great area to get you away from that harsh weather. Samson also says that the real estate market there right now is competitively priced, and that homes purchased right now can be fairly good investments. If you're not sure about all of this, then take a trip to Victoria for yourself! You'll be able to see the Empress Hotel, new developments being created and the nice sense of community that people love.

 So if you are considering relocating from Calgary to Victoria, we recommend you visit Joe Samson's website.http://www.joesamson.com/ 

Published Monday, January 20, 2014 1:51 PM by Jane Johnston Personal Real Estate Corporation M.E

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