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Business Tip

Here is my business tip from last month.  Basically, I was noticing that people do the same thing all the time resulting in the same results. So, I came up with this acronym CAPS. 
C  - Change Your Behaviour
A  - Adopt New Technology/Strategies
P   - Persistence
S   - Shift Your Business
I used two analogies... first my daughter learning to skate and trust her edge and second the adoption of technology in real estate.
C - Change... my daughter has trouble with doing her corners in skating. She doesn't lean in. And, in my work I see people who do real estate the same way all the time... they don't change with the times. This results in stagnation.
A - Adopt - in terms of skating, by learning to trust herself, and lean into the corner... my daughter really takes herself off balance, then as she begins to cut into the ice, her  speed increases and she takes off. Similarly, by adopting a new technology in real estate like mobile texting or use of video testimonials, video tours etc., one gets ahead of the competition. Staying within our comfort zone means staying in the same place and not moving forward.
P - Persistence - Change doesn't happen in one fell swoop. Often we will take one step forward and one back... It's important not to get discouraged and to reflect on how we did and try again, always refining and improving. For my daughter this means going around and around the rink. For real estate, this means that every new client is a blank slate and to start anew and fresh with your new approach.
S - Shift - Literally, once your new practice keeps going your skating will shift and you will go faster.... and, similarly for business, it will start to take off.
Now, my daughter takes her way around corners more quickly and she's realised that through practice, she will achieve her successes
Published Wednesday, November 12, 2014 10:18 AM by Jane Johnston Personal Real Estate Corporation M.E

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